New Mexico Getting Rid Of Mountain Lion Tags?


    New Mexico legislature is trying to pass a new bill that would make Mountain Lions an unprotected species. The latest estimate shows there are somewhere between 3,000 to 4,500 Mountain lions that inhabit New Mexico. Ranchers claim they have been plagued by the recent drought, and they cannot afford to lose any more livestock caused by Cougars. If the bill passes, it would overturn a current law that requires licenses to be purchased when hunting for mountain lions., creating an open season that proponents of the bill say will help support livestock and other wildlife. 


    According to the Santa Fe New Mexican "Lane said cougars inhabit parts of the state that hunters never reach, so the bill would not threaten to make them extinct. He said 2,000 to 2,500 hunting licenses for cougars are sold in New Mexico each year, but kills number only about 200." The bill was passed by one committee, and still needs the approval of two more committees before reaching the 70-member House of Representative floor for a full vote. 


    What are your thoughts - should the bill pass or should Mountain Lions continue to be protected?