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My Nephew shot his first Elk this weekend, in Utah. Awesome job Kolton!!
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in Big Game - Wed at 7:07 PM
Caught some nice rainbow trout at fish lake, utah.
157 views    1 like    
in Fish - August 20
Hiked up Chicago Peak in western Montana and was pleased to find a trophy big horn sheep and some...
128 views    0 likes    
in Wildlife Photography - August 6
Clark Fork Trout Outfitters Montana guided my son-in-law Sam and I from St. Regis Montana down th...
321 views    0 likes    
in Fish - July 18
This is my first redfish I caught off of the pier in gulf shores it weighed 13 pounds
237 views    1 like    
in Fish - July 16
10 inch beard...1 1/4 spurs....19 pounds.
215 views    1 like    
in Migratory / Game Birds - June 18
314 views    0 likes    
in Big Game - June 17
I shot this hog out of our tripod from 100 yards. 170 pound sow. I shot it one shot in the head b...
253 views    0 likes    
in Small Game - June 15
Alberta/Canadian record
323 views    0 likes    
in Big Game - June 10
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