Family Friendly Policy

Rated "G"

My Trophy Room is designed to be a place of good clean fun. We encourage the young and well-seasoned alike to enjoy viewing and posting their trophies and telling their stories.

Many children and young people enjoy this site. We are committed to making this a safe site for them and worry free for their parents.

Please help us accomplish this by respecting other members and visitors through your photos and comments.

Please comply with this agreement and refrain from:

  • - Profane, expletive, vulgar, crude, or inappropriate language
  • - Submitting photos that are pornographic, immodest, or sensual
  • - Submitting photos that are of poor taste. While this is a hunting and fishing site showing game that has been dispatched, photos should communicate ethical and respectful practices. Gore, excessive blood/guts or photos featuring violence are not appropriate and may be removed by an administrator.
  • - Comments that are racist or disrespectful to any member.
  • - Disrespecting administrators.
  • - Running advertisments that violate the above criteria.

Administrators and staff may at any time, suspend or remove any member's account that, after warning continues to violates this policy. In addition, members photos, comments, articles and advertisements may be removed without warning if not in compliance.

Thank you for helping us make this site a fun clean social connection for hunters, fishers and all that love God's creation.

"Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body." Proverbs 16:24