50 Ways To Use Elk and Deer Antlers


    It's that time of year again, and some of you have already been collecting Antler Sheds since the beginning of the year. Shed hunting is growing in popularity, because there are so many great uses for antlers, and it's a great activity for the kids as well. You've probably got a stockpile of sheds stored away in your house, maybe not quite as good as the photo above, but we can dream, right? Now what? Well here's a great list of 50 different things you can turn these deer and elk antler sheds into.

    This list was compiled by the Rock Mountain Elk Foundation, and They asked their members via Facebook, “What good is an elk antler?” And they responded. Below are 50 of their favorite ways to use these Elk and Deer antlers.


    1. Dog treat
    2. Bait to get kids outside
    3. Belt buckle
    4. Bolo tie
    5. Knife handle
    6. Drawer handles
    7. BBQ handle
    8. Backcountry bat
    9. Cane
    10. Candleholder
    11. Button
    12. Wine tree
    13. Coat hanger
    14. Backscratcher
    15. Pen
    16. Custom elk call
    17. Cribbage board 
    18. Earrings
    19. Chandelier
    20. Lamp
    21. Pistol grip
    22. Towel rack
    23. Bottle-opener handle
    24. Flint knapper
    25. Christmas tree
    26. Guitar stand
    27. Pool-stick holder
    28. Mirror frame
    29. Mailbox stand
    30. Curtain-rod holder
    31. Grappling hook
    32. Bicycle frame
    33. Stair railing 
    34. Ice-fishing tip-up
    35. Toilet-paper holder
    36. Fire poker
    37. Mule-hoof pick
    38. Hide scraper
    39. Fishing pole
    40. Gun bipod
    41. Christmas ornament
    42. Rain-gutter downspout
    43. Garden rake
    44. Whistle
    45. Clothesline holder
    46. Picking stick
    47. Backcountry weapon
    48. Art easel
    49. Light boat anchor
    50. Flute