Hiding Guns In Furniture - Our Favorite Furniture Pieces!


    Have you ever considered getting a piece of furniture that will hide your valuable weapons? It's becoming a popular trend to have normal looking furniture that has a secret hiding place for your guns. 


    It's a great idea to have your weapons concealed for a variety of reasons, such as easy access in case of an emergency, keeps your guns out of site and prevents theft. If you would like to have easy access to a gun in case of emergency, it's important to have the furniture piece in an area you spend most of your time. The possibilities are endless, and just make sure it isn't easily accessible for children.


    Here are some of our favorite furniture pieces:


    How about this great coffee table that has a seceret compartment underneath to house a gun. This oak coffee table is manufactured by New Jersey Concealment Furniture.



    Check out this nice curio from American Furniture Classics, which holds up to 10 long rifles in a hidden sliding compartment. 



    Why not convert your bed into an easily accessible gun safe?



    Need to hide a handgun? Look no further than this clock which secretly hides smaller handguns. You can pick this clock up for $59 from Covert Cabinets.


    And here's our personal favorite. How about converting your couch into a gun case! If you don't want to customize your couch yourself, you can buy one of these from the Couch Bunker. The couch bunker isn't cheap, and starts at $3,999.


    Would you consider buying a furniture item above to conceal your weapons? If so, comment and let us know!