9 Year Old Lands 8 Foot White Sturgeon!

  • Sawyer Kolowith, a nine-year-old-boy from Boise, Idaho, caught an incredible white sturgeon. He battled the fish for over an hour and finally landed the 220-pound to pose for a picture. Sawyer's goal was to catch a fish over 30 inches; because the biggest fish he ever caught was less than 30 inches. Sawyer crushed his goal by 73 inches - the fish came in at 8 feet, 7 inches.


    “Our eyes were just like saucers,” Mark said. “... I couldn’t believe that (a fish that size) was even possible. I’ve been working on the Snake River for about 10 years for my job at Idaho Power and I’ve never seen one like that. And you can see in the picture how beautiful that fish is.”  said Sawyer’s father Mark Kolowith in an interview.