Rainbow Trout - Deer Creek Reservoir, Utah.


    Took my boat out for the first time this year, and went fishing with my Dad and Nephew at Deer Creek Reservoir in Utah. Deer Creek is close to my house, so I fish there quite a bit. Spring is my favorite time to fish Deer Creek, because you don't get all the recreational people on the lake, and the fish seem to be more active in the spring. My favorite lures to use this time of year are Pink and Orange Squids behind a dodger from Rocky Mountain Tackle.


    Here's a photo of the squid lures that I like to use:


    I love trolling with these squid lures, and if you decide to try these lures, make sure you don't go too fast - I typically like to troll around 1.5 mph with these. Pick a Dodger that matches the color of your lure, and use about 12 inches of leader behind the dodger and you're good to go!

    Here's the website to check out their lures - https://www.rockymountaintackle.com/prod_display.php?cat=40


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