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Sand Hollow Reservoir, Utah - Fishing for Large Mouth Bass

I had the opportunity to go fishing for Large Mouth Bass at Sand Hollow Reservoir, in Southern Utah – April 2013. I went with some of my fellow coworkers and we had a blast!


Sand Hollow is a relatively new park, founded in 2003 and it has quickly become a very popular destination for residents of Utah and people living in the Las Vegas area. It’s known for its beautiful red rocks and warm weather. It offers a warm-water reservoir, and sandy beaches.


If you’re thinking about fishing at Sand Hollow reservoir during the spring, then I would recommend staying away from the dam. It’s too deep, and the bass are in the shallows this time of year. The two most successful areas are on the southern part of the lake near the sandy beach, and the eastern side of the lake where all the vegetation grows.


I ended up catching most of the Large Mouth Bass off the new scatter raps by Rapala. My favorite lure was the Baby Bass lure (pictured below). These are really effective in open water and worked best on the southern part of the lake. These scatter raps are great because they swim in zig-zag motion and it drives the fish crazy!





As for the eastern part of the lake, you’ll notice there’s allot of vegetation, and this is a perfect place to fish with “Plastic Lizards”. The key to using the lizards is to navigate your boat and find the Bass that are nesting near the vegetation. Drop the lure right in front of the fish, and basically irritate them to where they finally go for the lizard.


Lizard Bass Lure



I hope that helps, and if you end up fishing at Sand Hollow please share your photos with us!


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